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It's official.

I've deactivated my account, guys. Text of the comment I left for NCSoft follows -

"I love the game - I really do. But I 've found World of Warcraft to be much more appealing. It is easier to solo in WoW, and there is a lot to do above and beyond going out to beat up the bad guys. Which, in the end, is pretty much how all the missions started to feel to me. There wasn't anything to break up the routine. Plaque hunting kept my interest for a while, but even that started to get tedious. At first the fact that there was no real economy in the game was appealing to me, but I found that I missed looting and getting new equipment for my characters.

I will probably come back when City of Villains is introduced just to see the changes, but for now I can't justify paying a monthly fee for a game I don't use."

I will truly miss playing with those of you who haven't come across to WoW.

Funny...leaving a video game isn't supposed to make one sad.
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Whats going to happen to our beloved Saints now? Who will lead us? Who will we blame when way too many badguys come crashing down on our heads?

Who dammit who??

To (para)quote from one of the greatest movies of all time:
"You know if I don't have someone to follow, I'm gonna get lost"- Megaforce