Life ain't a track meet; it's a marathon. (mrzero) wrote in hellmouthsaints,
Life ain't a track meet; it's a marathon.

The Circle is back up to their old tricks.

One of MAGI's precognitives has gotten kidnapped by the Circle of Thorns (again...)*
Tonight The Automater will be heading into the caves in Perez park to try and rescue her, if you want to come along just let me know.
Probably around 20:00 (EST)

*It's the "fortune teller" mission that gives the spelunker badge.
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EEEk! Green Neutrino needs that badge so he can get one of the Accolades.
yes I know, we talked about it the other night when I first got it.
Sadly he was tied up in missions and I didn't have alot of time, which is why I figured I'd post it here. (Since he is back on LJ right?)
While I don't need it on Sham, I'd like to have it on Elz, just for later accolades. Is this open to any level, or would you prefer something in the lower level area? (TB7 could use it too. heh)
Level doesn't bother me, I'm just doing it for the badge.
Auto is level 14 now if that makes any difference.
I think Stoph could use it. Not sure if he has it already or not. If he does, I'll log in as Amazingtron to grab it.