adrenalinegames (adrenalinegames) wrote in hellmouthsaints,

Save the Fortuneteller Mission

Hi Saints,

I was wondering if any of you lower level members have access to the Fortuneteller mission (Spelunker badge). Green Neutrino was my first character and I didn't really know that running missions could be important later on. As a result, I never did the mission, and never got the Spelunker badge.

Now at level 36 (almost 37), I realize that I could already have the Atlas Medallion accolade if I had done that mission originally. The Spelunker mission is level 10-15 and is set against the Circle of Thorns.

If any of you have access to that mission, and would be willing to let me exemplar down to run it with you, I would really appreciate it (I would also be willing to kick some influence your way, if you're in need).

Let me know. I can run the mission any time this weekend starting Friday at 7:00 pm.


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