Xany Hellion (xany) wrote in hellmouthsaints,
Xany Hellion

Tonight's Taxibot Badge Tour

as many of you already know, tonight's Badge Tour is taking place in Steel Canyon.

As a result, a couple of lower-level taxis are concerned for their health and well-being.

So I'm cashing in the Hellmouth Saints' offer to be Badge Tour Security Detail.

There's only 4 badges in the zone, and I believe they are all fairly safe. Bright Star had Clocks spawning near it, if I remember, and Nimble Mynx is up near Boomtown/Icon, so there may be nastiness up there, but the other two should be okay.

Under normal circumstances...

With the Fifth Column/Council riots going on, who knows?

If anyone can show up between 8 and 10pm EST to help out, it will be muchly appreciated.

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